• Alan Stevenson

    Alan Stevenson

    Engineer and collector of antiquities. Currently at the University negotiating the sale of several Specimens.
  • Augustus Fairbairn

    Augustus Fairbairn

    Undergraduate at Edinburgh University studying Astronomy, currently assisting Professor Fotheringshaw in order to get some much needed credits.
  • Lieutenant James Morgan

    Lieutenant James Morgan

    Ex soldier, Served with Cumbersomething and Fotheringshaw in the Great War
  • Philip Cumbersomething

    Philip Cumbersomething

    Ex Soldier now studying Madicine at Edinburgh. Served with Morgan and Fotheringshaw during the great war.
  • Professor Charles Fotheringshaw

    Professor Charles Fotheringshaw

    Veteran Investigator and member of Staff at the Cryptozoology Department.
  • Victoria Hall-Kennedy

    Victoria Hall-Kennedy

    Young Classics Graduate, currently employed translating documents for the Cryptozoology Department